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Listing Services (CMC-CG-More)

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CMC (Coinmarketcap), CG (Coingecko), and other listing services.

As coinsooner, we offer more secure listing services. In crypto space, there are lots of scammers that guaranteed listing in a couple of hours. As known fast track. Actually, there is no such thing as “Fast track”.

It is very important to list on Coinmarketcap and Coingecko for the projects. In this case lots of investors can see their projects. Especially that's why projects owner want to purchase services for these form filling and listing works.

What We Do?

We make preparations and get the required information together and submit at the right time according to project metrics.

There are some parameters such as volume and timing for listing. Our team is experienced in this listing services.

Our service is not “Guaranteed listing in a couple of hours”. Because the parameters of the project are also important in this regard.

As, we want to provide this service in a safer way. In the other hand with a reasonable price.

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Community Moderator Service

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What We Do?

We provide KYC'ed moderators for managing your telegram channels or discord channels. If you need more mods for managing other your social media accounts, we can do that for you.

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These moderators are experienced in this field and trustworthy. As you know, mods of the projects are very important for your funds. Thats why mods should be reliable people.

KYC Service

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KYC is the process of identity verification. As you know , security is very important thing in this space. As coinsooner team we hate scams, rugpulls and soft rug. That's why we provide more secure KYC service and we also want to ensure more secure space for investment.

What We Do

We will get the identities of the project owner, project details. After that we will start the process of verification about project's owner and project's details. This process will be manual not an automatic.

Contact us for extra infos.

KYC Partnership Process

We have partnership with It is the best KYC provider in this space.

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What Does it Mean For You?

The KYC process aims to rid scams and rugpulls by acting as a deterrent for dubious devs. If any of the KYCed project’s team members scams investors:

We will reveal project's team identities.

We will make this information public for those wanting to file criminal charges.

Disclaimer: KYC process doesn't mean the project completely secure. Please before investing do your own research (DYOR)

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